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One year at GitHub

Today marks my one year anniversary at GitHub. I could spend a lot of lines here talking about the things I worked on, and the things I learned so far. However, I’d like to focus on one small thing, that we probably all already know about, but we often neglect.

GitHub is a remote company, and we have more than half of the company working full time from home, or somewhere else outside San Francisco. One thing we have to get it right is working asynchronously, and that has been the biggest mind shift for me in this one year. That means that everything we work on needs to be documented, so other folks can consume that at their own time, and have enough context on what everyone is working on, as people might work in different time zones and don’t frequently are online the same time you are. I think this is a valuable lesson, that should be applied to non-remote companies as well.

It has been a long time since I don’t actively blog, or even have a blog so as an exercise of documenting better my work, especially my Open Source work, I will try to write more often.